Throughout it's life, the Company was able to make use of the prestigious academicand professional experience of Prof. Remo Calzona, whose inspired idea of "business" during the early years, led to the establishment in 1974 of CO.RE. - Consulenza Ricerca Progettazione Srl. With skill and dynamism it was immediately able to quickly grasp the chances that the market in thoseyears was beginning to offer.The success of this initiative led, in 1988, to the transformation of the Company in CO.RE. Ingegneria Srl.The change in corporate structure was able to react better to the new and more difficult challenges.Since then, the history of CO.RE. Ingegneria has always been faithful to its original nature of being theinterpreter of the the market, as determined by the imprint of it's founder. A recent proof of the vitality of this nature is the permanent consortium named Apollodoro that  CO.RE Engineering foundedwith four other partners, "The OK Design Group Srl","Studio Speri Societa' di Ingegneria Srl","S.T.I. Studio Tecnico Italiano Srl and Seteco Ingegneria Srl" in February 2009. The group is formed immediately formed an entity of great importance that, for various technical skills, which are complementary and critical massesable to field, looks set to be an important landmark in the field of Engineering Companies .