Remo Calzona

Born in Catanzaro on 19/01/1939, he graduated in Civil Engineering at the University of Rome in July 1964.

He entered the University soon after graduating, he pursued his academic career with continuity at the Faculty of Engineering,University of Rome "La Sapienza", where he followed this cursus honorum:

  • Assistant Professor at the chair of "Structural Engineering" starting from 1965;
  • Lecturer in "Structural Engineering" academic 1971_1972;
  • Lecturer in "Materials Technology and Structural Engineering" from 1971;
  • Professor of Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, "La Sapienza" of Rome since 1978,teaching that he still holds.

The university activity was enriched with periods of research at the University of California Berkeley,Empire College in London (England), the University of Surrey (England) in which he was External Examinerfor the University degree of Doctor in Philosophy.

He has participated in hundreds of scientific meetings, many of them as Chairman and Invited Lecturer,the most important ones are:

  • "8th International Congress of FIP, London, 1978;
  • "10th International Congress of FIP, New Delhi, India, 1986;
  • "World Congress on Railway Research WCRR '94 ', Paris, 1994
  • ;"Second International Conference on Structural Engineering and Construction: 23 / 26 September 2003 - Rome;
  • "10th International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing: August 30, 2005 - Rome;
  • National Academy of Sciences - Academia Europae Scientiarium et Artium: Autumnal Joint Conference on Large versus Construction Safety - October 2003

He has written over 150 scientific and technical journals, published in national and international journals or in the acts of the most important international conferences, among many of the best known to the scientific resonance:

  • "Calculation of double curvature membrane shells with medium surface shaped as hyperbolic paraboloid" - Journal of Civil Engineering, 1969, Mechanical Review, 1990;
  • "Behaviour of dense and lightweight concrete under multi-axial stresses" - 8th International Congress of FIP, London, 1978;
  • "Consolidation of a building damaged by the earthquake in Friuli and safety assessment" - Excerpt from the magazine "The construction industry", Rome, June 1978;
  • "Mechanical properties of high - strength concrete (ASC): review of current knowledge and future research" - 10th International Congress of FIP New Delhi, 1986;
  • "Consolidation and static restoration of the Cathedral of S. Lorenzo in Perugia "- Excerpt from the magazine" The construction industry ", Rome, March 1987;
  • "Variable section and hydrodynamic mass for submerged slender structures" - Excerpt from "Journal of Civil Engineering", Rome 1991;
  • "Reflections on the consolidation of old masonry structures" - Excerpt from the magazine "The construction industry", Rome, February 1993;
  • "Fatigue, Decay and Railway Research. WCRR '94, Paris, 1994;
  • "Fatigue and the permeability of concrete" - University of Rome 'La Sapienza' - Faculty of Engineering - Magazine "Studi e Ricerche", Rome, October 1995;
  • "Remarks on the process of approval of designs of structures provided with innovative anti-seismic system in Italy" - presented at the "7th International Seminar on seismic isolation, passive energy dissipation and, Assisi, October 5 2001;
  • "From the world of approximation to the universe of precision: the Messina Bridge - Conference Proceedings, Rome, December 19, 2001;
  • "Safety and performance for Messina Bridge - Autumnal Joint Conference, October 30, 2003 - Rome;
  • "Epistemological Aspect of Safety Concerning the Construction of Future Challenge: The Messina Bridge" - presented at the "10th International Conference on Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering Computing, August 30, 2005 - Rome: Saxe-Coburg Publication

and volumes:

  • "The Calculation of Reinforced Concrete and admittable tensions and limit states," now in its third edition, Hoepli. Reviewed in Italy and abroad and distributed in U.S.A. by "Engineering Societies Library, New York;
  • "Fatigue and decay of materials and structures subjected to cyclic actions" - University of Rome 'La Sapienza' - Faculty of Engineering with Ferrocement;
  • FIP Handbook on Practical Design: "Examples of the design of concrete structures";
  • The lightweight structural conglomerate, Editions Science and Technology, Milan 1982;
  • "Research has no end: the bridge over the Strait of Messina" - editions, Rome 2008.

The research activity for the university has been accompanied by practical activity as design engineerfor the construction of large civil engineering works through Co.Re. Engineering in the course of its business.

For the recognized expertise and scientific prestige he held the following positions:

  • Member of the Board of Public Works since 1988;
  • Component of the ministerial committees at the Ministry of Public Works for the preparation of:
    - Technical standards for the execution of works in reinforced and prestressed concrete and metal structures
    - Technical Standards for the design, implementation and testing of road bridges;
    - Technical Standards relating to the general criteria for verifying the safety of structures, loads and overloads
    - President of the Commission for drafting the Technical Standards on Constructions, in September 2005
  • Rapporteur of the most important affairs of national interest on the Tower of Pisa, the Lagoon of Venice, the Defense of the Tiber, the Merloni Law 109, the bridge over the Strait of Messina.
  • Member of the National Research Council (CNR).
  • Part of the Study Commission on Standards for construction of reinforced concrete and prestressed concrete, the binders and the bricks of the CNR;
  • Deputy of the Federation Internationale de la Precontrainte (FIP);
  • Chairman of the Commission F.I.P. "Lightweight aggregate concrete for marine structures";
  • Counsellor of the Italian Association of Prestressed Concrete (AICAP);
  • Counsellor of the Italian Association of Recovery and Consolidation Construction (ASS.IRCCO);
  • Member of the Technical and Financial commission for the "Autostrade Romane ed Abruzzesi" (A.N.A.S.);

He was also:

  • Scientific Advisor of UNICEM (FIAT);
  • Board member of Bonifica (IRI Italstat);
  • Member of the Commission A.N.A.S. for its opinion on the Messina Bridge;
  • Part of the Real Estate Advisory Committee of Soc INA - Assitalia;
  • CEO of CO.RE. Ingegneria Srl.

He has been commissioned by various governments as "Collaudatore" of important works including:

  • The consolidation and restoration of the Palace of Justice in Rome (Ministry of Public Works);
  • The Dam Locone in Puglia (CASMEZ);
  • The freeway between Siderno and the plain of Rosarno (CASMEZ);
  • The high speed railway between Rome and Naples;Financial Offices of Cuneo.

He is choosen from a variety of Courts as "technical consultant" for delicate or difficult court proceedings such as:

  • The prosecution by the collapse of the roof of the Stadium "La Favorita" di Palermo;
  • The procedure for the collapse of the railway bridge over the railway "Eccellente" - Rosarno;
  • The procedure for the collapses of the buildings of St. Angelo dei Lombardi and Lioni after the earthquake in Irpinia with approximately 1000 deaths (Attorney S. Angelo dei Lombardi);
  • The procedure for the collapse of the building in Via Villa Iacobini in Rome with 27 deaths (Procura of Rome);
  • The procedure for the collapse of the roof of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Rome (Procura of Rome);
  • Criminal proceedings for the security of the Palace of Justice in Rome

and the "Court of Ministers" of Rome as CTU in legal proceedings against:

  • Minister Ronchey + others for the use of the Baths of Caracalla;
  • Minister Scotti + others for the purchase of property by SISDE.

In his career he served as General Coordinator for the following works:

  • Works for the Jubilee 2000. Galleria Principe Amedeo, Sottopasso Lungotevere in Sassia,Interconnection Parking Gianicolo - Rome, 1999;
  • The National Center for Contemporary Arts in Rome MAXXI, 2000.

As well as "Direttore dei Lavori" for:

  • Renovations of the General Hospital Complex of S. Giovanni Addolorata - "C Block".