CO.RE. Engineering provides services ranging from feasibility studies, through design in its variousdegrees up to the testing for operations under the following categories:

  • road engineering, railway, airport, complete the design of bridges, viaducts, tunnels, road structure,floors, the works of defense and support of the ground, technological equipment, furniture and works of completion;
  • monumental buildings and facilities, related and ancillary works;
  • restoration, adaptation and consolidation of existing works; 
  • masonry and special technological equipment;
  • hydraulic works such as dams, aqueducts, reservoirs, sewers, irrigation systems;
  • marine, defense and the hydraulic system;
  • structural work of reinforced concrete, prestressed concrete and metal, laminated wood and natural stone.

The appreciation of new and existing clients, constantly received by the Company, year after year, was evidenced by the number of projects, about 350, drawn up in Italy and abroad, for public and private clients.It is currently recognized Co.Re. Engineering a top position in the structural design and theroad infrastructure. In particular those which require a specific sensitivity in environmentalimpact assessment, the company claims a 'early vision of the establishment of significant powers.The Company also lives with confident participation in a complex program of continuous updating oftheir personnel at various levels, all oriented to the overall mission of excellence in every circumstance. CO.RE. Engineering is a member OICE - Association of Organisations of Engineering and Technical Economic Consulting - and is included in the list of qualified suppliers of technical services for engineering some of the leading public and private clients.

In support of this positive voltage business CO.RE. Engineering has its own professional organization,consisting of a staff of about 15 elements, with specific expertise and proven experience in work organization,working in quality system certified under UNI EN ISO 9001 ed. 2000 by SGS (Member of SINCERT). Every order is infact run by a project leader who makes use of the company's own staff or in the case of special expertise,advice from external specialists. The acquisition is committed to direct negotiations or by participating inpublic tenders for procurement of engineering services alone in group companies with regard to integratedcontracts, contracts for custody Competitions General Contractor.

The company has a large and modern hardware and software base, a 'targeted architecture makes it available to' fuller use of a large range of specific software engineering, as well as an extensive library of publications and national magazines and international interests in civil engineering, which includes a constantly updated technical standards.